Category: Apparel

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Year:  2016

In modern day urban life we seem to come across more street lanterns then trees, I believe it demonstrates our disconnected relationship with nature. This installation focuses on natural processes and aims on bridging the gap between technology and nature. A conversion of the natural into the artificial, a tree into a street lantern. Nature and Art have always been seen as functions which are inextricably bound up with each other. I wonder if we are able to rediscover nature with child-like curiosity by artificially recreate it’s mystical experience. Inspiration is found in the forest; the bright moonlight shining trough treetops and it’s beautiful patterns of shadows on the ground is what I try to interpret, improve and imitate.



 Programmed as a self sustaining organism it acts only when it’s surroundings are quiet and encourages viewers to interact with it by standing in silence and observing. Sound is produced with a build in singing bowl, creating calm vibrations that triggers the audio sensor and restarts the loop of the build in computer program that simulates it’s own intelligence.

In building this installation I tried to stay close to natural phenomena, using the geometric patterns of fractals as a basis of the aesthetics and practicality of the design. Furthermore, the installations is programmed to respond to it’s surroundings as well responds to itself.